Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Sprint Service is it an oxymoron or not? For those of you that don't know (here comes backstory), I love my cell phone. My cell phone is an extension of me. It has my email for work, my personal email, my contacts, my calendar, and oh yeah, it is a phone.

I dropped my cell phone in the baby pool on Monday while talking to a friend and fighting with Molly over walking head first into said pool.

I will take a short break so you can stop laughing, compose yourself and continue reading...

Are you done yet? Good.

So I tried to dry out my phone. I read up on how you can take a bunch of silica packets and put your phone in a baggie with the silica and it will magically work. Then my darling husband reminded me that we have Equipment Protection.

I called Sprint. I was on hold for 14 minutes and 40 seconds (hey, 1440... just made that connection (the company I work for)). Did I mention I was on hold for over 14 minutes waiting for a rep? I explained my issue, she transferred me to the right person (but first gave me that direct number in case of disconnection), and in 2 minutes I was done and a new phone (an upgraded phone I might add) is being shipped and will be here Thursday morning.



Erica said...

Wow! Only 14 minutes and they got you to the right department without disconnecting you?! That IS service! Maybe we should have had you handling our Sprint fiasco!

Unknown said...

I think Sprint owed your family a (relatively) quick and painless service contact with a good outcome. Maybe they've turned a corner.

emily said...

So everyone, doug and erica are my sister and brother in law and if you can't tell, they have NOT had a good experience with Sprint.

I can't believe THAT is the post you guys finally comment on... BLAH.

Jessica said...

I love Sprint...they gave me a 755p for under $200. And I got to keep (sell) my old 650. Are you sure we deal with the same cell phone company? ;-)

P.S. The bill after the upgrade was over $500...spent a lot more than 14 minutes on that phone call!