Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Ramblings

Aubrey and Doug are back from Maine, although I believe Aubrey was swapped for a "No, I DO IT MYSELF" Replica. Quite the attitude from my 2 year old (I only have 6 more days to call her that so BACK OFF).

Molly has quite the temper and I am wondering if there are anger management classes we can enroll her in. Per my mother, my sister had a similar temper - even through her school years. So at least I know she won't grow up to be a monster.

This is the picture on my phone wallpaper! I love it.

Doug and I are painting our kitchen ceiling tonight. There is ongoing discussion about painting the family room and what color we should do. Any and all input is appreciated.

Tomorrow I have to 1) work 2) get my car to VEIP or pay a fine 3) Give blood at lunch 4) get Aubrey to swim lessons and 5) get my teeth cleaned. Yikes.

The contractor is grouting and putting in the fixtures in the bathroom today and pouring the concrete so we should be done and ready for CLEAN UP!


Erica said...

I had a temper?! I didn't know that. I'm glad you don't think I'm a monster.

Erica said...

oh yeah, and, warm buff! You can't go wrong with warm buff.

emily said...

Update on today :) Did VEIP last night, not doing the blood donation today - due to work and not feeling 100%.