Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinner and Color

We had new friends over to the house for dinner last night. Patrick (contractor - see saga below), his LOVELY wife Lena, and their 2 kids - Sanna is 3 and Gavin will be 2 in October. Aubrey and Sanna were barely seen all evening - except when Aubrey tried to put Sanna in time out... Sanna was a little upset over this.

Doug put the roller coaster in the kitchen after dinner and the kids enjoyed some quailty time with that toy! Pictures to be posted another time :)

Lena was there to help us pick out some colors for our family room. She is thinking that the Warm Buff above the chair rail and a maroon below the chair rail would work out well... but Doug finally said out loud and quite clearly, "I don't like Warm Buff". So at least now all the cards are on the table.

Doug and I really enjoyed our time with this family and we REALLY hope we can do it again!

At the end of the evening I was thinking about my day Thursday and how it really was a wife/mother day! And that I really enjoyed it, despite it's chaotic moments.

5:15, get up and go to Wegmans
6:30, unload car and put away groceries
6:45, get dressed for gym and load car for work/gym/lunch
6:50, remember to pack everything for Show and Tell Day and shoes for kids
7:00, get both girls up and dressed and breakfasted (Doug did make the yummy bagels and cream cheese for them)
7:20, get girls in car and kissed by daddy and to LA's
7:45, bridge is still out and traffic was horrible so my "3 mile drive" is much longer
7:50, change poopy diaper, help Aubrey and Molly get into their "Ballet" clothes
8:00, head to gym
8:20, excercise for 33 minutes
9:05, get Chocolate Dream Shake
9:35, get to work
After work, hit Graul's for potato salad and dessert (Wegmans deli area wasn't open at 6am)
Pick up kids
Cut up onions, tomatoes, and lettuce, make shells and cheese, mop kitchen floor, help Aubrey clean up toys in family room, give both girls a quick snack, unload car, run dishwasher and clean out sink, set table, set up "kiddie" table, get meat out to grill, set up all food and condiments required.
Call husband to stop on his way home for Alcohol
Kiss husband as he walks in
Company arrives at 5:32 and wine is opened
8:35, unload dishwasher, load dishwasher, do dinner dishes
9:10, CRASH

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Rollingthunder said...

Keep that kind of stuff up and I will have to keep you around! ;)