Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bathroom Saga Day 2

So, I had to go to work today but I called the contractor and he says they have finished the plumbing in the bathroom and will be doing the drywall and tiling in there this afternoon and the HOLE under the foundation is bigger than originally thought.

If you don't know the HOLE is a REALLY big issue... Hopefully when I get home I can take and upload pictures. Doug and Aubrey made it to Maine and are having a great time...

IM from Doug earlier today.
IMScreenName: I caught a small guy, plenty of perfect baitfish, and we saw 7 seals and 2 DOLPHINS they broke 4 feet from the bow of Roy's boat, AWESOME

Bathroom Electrical and Plubing are done... with drywall started. Something about a pressure test before they finish the drywall and start on the hole for the shower. Tile tomorrow... not today odviously.
The construction site...

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Unknown said...

Thank goodness you found it now Em! Sorry for the hassle but it sounds like you have a great team working with you on this!! Take care.