Saturday, September 22, 2007

Build A Bear Survival

We had a GREAT time at Build A Bear today for Aubrey's 3rd birthday party. Lots of friends and lots of parents - thank goodness :)

Here are a few pictures - the focus on the build a bear big girl part - there are lots of baby pictures I am not posting... but may do so a different day!

Chocolate or Vanilla - what color bear do you want?
Stuff that Bear!
Finishing the stuffing to get to the dressing!
All dressed!
A pink kitty cat cake - Thank you Ms. Lori Anne!
My favorite part of the day was when the kids sat in a circle with 2 hearts each. They all gave their hearts kisses, and touched their foreheads (for brains), eyes, ears, noses, and knees (so the bear would NEED them), then they took one heart and made a birthday wish for Aubrey. All of those hearts went into Aubrey's bear. The other heart had another wish on it and then they put those in their bears. So sweet!!!!

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