Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Since I have become a mother I have an issue with any process that takes more than 2 steps or changes a long running routine.

I have recently purchased a number of pairs of pants/skirts which have 3 steps to clothes, a button, a clasp and a zipper. I have found that I only do 2 of the 3 steps and people keep having to tell me that zipper is down. This is particularly embarrassing at work.

The bridge that we use to take the kids to Lori-Anne's is closed for repair work. This means we have to go WAY WAY around the long way to get to and from her house. It has been a week since it has closed and there has only been ONE time I didn't try to go the "good" way - and that was ONLY because I needed to make a quick stop at Graul's.

Turning off the car involves 3 steps if you think about it... breaking, putting the car in park, removing the key. I keep leaving the car in Drive and trying to take out the key.

The gym we belong too used to not offer towel service - now they do. I am using that service to reduce my loads of laundry. But I keep forgetting to actually GET the towel before I go to the locker room and hit the showers...

I once considered myself pretty smart, very effecient, with a great memory - now I am OOOO for THREE!


Unknown said...

Too funny! - Then again I'm used to trying to find my head and my butt!

Jessica said...

I keep reading this one because it makes me smile. Thank you.