Thursday, March 13, 2008

5 Things I Know

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am loved so much that my husband knows he can call me out on a bad attitude and basically remind me to give something a chance or change it.
  3. I love the city. I used to live in the city and I really do love the city. I am eating a "combo" lunch from a Japanese place - California Rolls and Shrimp Tempura with salad, rice, soup for 8 bucks.
  4. The crocus in our yard are finally blooming which really does mean that Spring is coming!
  5. All you can do is laugh when you are on the phone with your husband, stuck in traffic, and you hear him scream, "Aubrey get off your sister, quit jumping on your sister. Give me that Pencil. That is NOT OK" as the phone hangs up.


Jenny said...

mmmm, I want Japanese food!

and a manny :-) Your hubby sounds like he is in the trenches :-) It's fun there. Yes, so fun.

Mommy said...

HA...I would love to hear the tone of his voice!
At least you have been able to give over some control...unlike some other moms we know...right?
Doesn't it make you happy to know that you got a "good one" in Doug?

Jessica said...

Lydia better not be talking about me...just because I won't let my husband go to the grocery store... ;-)

I would be scared to tell Em she is having a bad attitude. You're a brave man Doug!

Erica said...

What? Are there women who let their husbands go to the grocery store Jessica? All my Doug would get is chips and beer.

California rolls and tempura shrimp sound REALLY good! Can I have some of that with my homemade strawberry ice cream?

Mommy said...

I don't let my husband do the grocery shopping, either. We would only have martini olives, gin, wine, and steak. No - Em knows who I mean...another friend from college. She has NEVER left her kids alone with her husband - she thinks he can't handle it!

InTheFastLane said...

I love California over control? What is that? Is Lydia talking 'bout me? We will see about grocery shopping...I am soooo worried about that one.

Unknown said...

OK, I would totally get ice cream to go with the beer and chips. And after reading the comments, I'd get the martini stuff too. And steaks.

Anonymous said...

that reminds me -- gotta make a "B double-E double-R U N" on the way home!

Reminds me of moments in our household:

Me: "What ARE you doing?"

Olivia: "Hitting Natalie on the head becuz [fill in any number of reasons here]..."