Monday, March 31, 2008

Did and Did Not

Things I did NOT do on vacation:
  • carry a phone - this is CRAZY! for me anyway
  • read email
  • check blogs
  • blog
  • read the news
  • check the weather
  • worry about not carrying a phone
  • worry about email
  • worry about the news
  • worry about weather
  • worry about work - again CRAZY! and wonderful
  • put any kids in time out - I had to threaten maybe once...

Things I DID do on vacation:

  • Realize what a good mom I am
  • enjoy the beach and pool
  • enjoy my family
  • realize what an independent person Molly really wants to be
  • and that she can't be trusted by the edge of a pool for 1 second
  • or she will jump to the nearest person or no person off the edge of the big pool while I am readjusting Aubrey's goggles or inner tube
  • listen to Molly yell at me when I tried to touch her in the pool and LAUGH and smile and engage everyone she met
  • realize how brave, polite, and fun Aubrey is
  • even if she walks up to random people and asks to use their pool toys/regular toys/towels/food... repeatedly.
  • ride in a limo - HAPPY ALMOST 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • have an unbelievable massage
  • sit in the space between the sink and the vanity in the hotel room each night so the kids couldn't see me so they would fall asleep... I read an entire novel while doing that.
  • enjoy my husband
  • drink a pail of mango margaritas and some glow in the dark drink (with something called hypntq) and a fruity chocolaty martini thing, twice.
  • enjoy a breakfast buffet every morning... that's a lot of yummy eggs
  • watch Aubrey swim in the Gulf of Mexico with her head under water and everything (video to come of that I think)
  • enjoy a wonderful vacation with my family and RELAX


Sarcasta-Mom said...

Good for you. Glad you had a chance to relax and reconnect.

Casdok said...

Sounds good to me!!! :)

InTheFastLane said...

jealous, jealous, jealous...

Sunshine said...

I have a similar "I did not" vacation list myself....I had no idea what was going on in politics at all, which was REALLY nice!
And Phoenix has the same exact weather practically every day, so no need to check that either!

Mommy said...

hmm....Did you really think that either of your girls would grow up to NOT be independent???
And...HAPPY ALMOST 5th Anniversary to you!! And almost 50th to Grandy and Grandad!

Dianne said...

Not only did you NOT but you then did NOT worry about it either.

Cheers to you.

Love you did list too. So full of the joy of watching your children be.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a perfect time.

Erin said...

Sounds exactly how a vacation should be!

Unknown said...

I 2nd Erin. And I think that I could TOTALLY go for just a quarter of what you did do and ALL of what you did not do :)

Anonymous said...

super-jealous right now.

that rocks!

Amy W said...

Very good for you.

And very jealous of you.

rebekca said...

o.k. now I'M jealous!

I just have to know if you religiously pee'd in the dark to see the glow in the dark resurface?

and I love that you hid on the vanity. my husband is constantly telling me that I just need to get out of their sight so that they will stop screaming. It works! and I get to hop on the computer!

rebekca said...

and F.Y.I. southwest does fly here.

Emily Craig! Come on down!!!! (be sure to hi-5 everyone on your way so that you can pull off the Price Is Right thing I'm trying to go with here)

Jessica said...

I have spent plenty of time hiding in the bathroom until we learned that 2 rooms are worth the cost (well, depending on how much 1 room is!).

And I would not have thought about peeing in the dark, but Becky poses a good question, so you definitely need to answer now ;-)