Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My First Day Was

... Long
... Fun
... Exciting
...Trial by fire
...Seriously crazy
... Did I mention crazy?

Started at 9:30 ended at 6:15. This week I have a meeting every night from 5-6 with the owner who is also the Architect on the project I am assigned to. The project that started 2 months ago and is a 3 year project. The project where I have a huge deliverable on April 1. The project that hasn't had an analyst on it but all the analyst deliverables are now on me with original dates. Yeah, that project.

So I spent the day in meetings. And it really was good (and lunch at Bahama Breeze!). But I am defintely hitting the ground running. And I don't love the 5-6 meeting every night but witht he time change at least Molly is staying up later!


Mommy said...

just think of the huge paycheck.... and how much better you work under pressure.
GOOD LUCK today!

Unknown said...

If the 5-6 meetings are only for a week then I think it will be okay. Sounds like a great way to start and you are a pressure cooker! You have this in the bag girl!

InTheFastLane said...

sounds stressful! But, I am sure it will be worth it. I hope the rest of your week goes well.

Amy W said...

Glad it was good!!

rebekca said...

If it weren't so busy, you'd probably be losing your mind!

I'm excited for you and the new job (I have no idea what you do)

I'm thrilled that you are moving on (I have no idea what you do)

I have no idea what a deliverable is (and I also have no idea what you do)

I think that in spite of all of your upcoming projects, you're still able to blog- what??!@#. (and I have no idea what you do)

Girl, what the heck do you do?
e-mail me.