Tuesday, March 4, 2008

60 Degrees of Hope

A hint of spring
a crocus peaks
the birds begin to chirp

The sun is warm
a swing is swung
the kids begin to play

The temps are up
the sleeves are short
60 degrees of hope

We have had 2 days of warm days and it is the most amazing lift in spirits, in hope, in energy. Spring can not come soon enough! Thank you mother nature for this gift, this hint that there is an end to the "dreary".


Mommy said...

Don't forget what our good friend, Phil said about winter....it might actually be back!!

InTheFastLane said...

We had one day of 50 and sunny and now we are back to below freezing and a chance of snow. I appreciate winter and snow, but I am ready for warmth. Not even hot, just maybe 65 with a small breeze and sunshine. Yeah, that would do it for me :)

Unknown said...

Awesome 'ode'! I'm so ready for the weather to stay this way too!

Amy W said...

We have too! I want spring!

Kelly said...

I hope the weather lasts!

rebekca said...

yay for the good weather. and kudos on the poem!!!