Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reinvention Convention

So many emotions, so many thoughts
Bundling it up into paragraphs
Is overwhelming

F you I am outta here
Sad to go but so conflicted
Just some of what I am feeling

Happy hour can't come soon enough
Margaritas await with friends I will miss
Counting the hours ‘til that bliss

But I will miss this
Pumping in the closet
Pregnant with molly

3 years and so many memories
Some I like; some I don't
What can I change

Monday morning brings chance for reinvention
Who am I and who do I want to be
Not the bitch not the instigator

New environment
New challenges
New opportunities

Am I worth it
Am I smart enough
Did I make the right decision?

Too late now
Decisions are made
Actions are taken

Time has come
Saying good bye is hard
I will miss this

But I won’t miss all of it
And I am excited for what awaits

So reinvention is my path
And I choose to take it now.


InTheFastLane said...

I love how that capture all the feelings of the day.

I say follow the road that leads to margaritas!

Mommy said...

Enjoy yourself tonight!
And if I don't talk to you...GOOD LUCK on Monday!

Kelly said...

Very nice. Have a wonderful rest of the day and an awesome happy hour!

anne watson said...


So much emotion.
So many memories.
So much anticipation.

Have a margarita for me and don't look back!

You will be great at your new gig!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Where's Becky? I need someone else to find the funnies in this poem. my personal favorite is you being in the closet ;-)

Enjoy your afternoon and go kick some butt on Monday--you'll be great!!

Mommy said... actually pumped in the closet??? Thats the BEST place they had for you? many new thoughts about that one....I didn't stop to think earlier in the day - Thanks JEss!!

Unknown said...

You ROCK girl! Might as well at the margarita order and have one for me too! I hope someone is driving you home!!!

emily said...

I get the reinvention convention but you forgot to mention, We change as we grow with the new things we know So the plan from above is to do it with love.
Love, Dad

Suburban Turmoil said...

It sucks that something we do simply to make money can have such a negative impact on our lives.

Good luck on Monday!!!