Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Public Thank You

While I have a lot of support and love and family and friends that help us out - all the time - lately my husband is the Most Valuable Player in this house. Not only did he handle my trip to Florida flawlessly, but this week he is Super Man. I have been working VERY late compared to my work schedule the last 3 years.

MVP has picked the girls up, cooked GREAT HEALTHY DINNERS, each night, cleaned up the kitchen, had tons of fun with the girls, and helped with bedtime routines and been around in the mornings to make breakfast and just be PERFECT.

So honey, thank you. I love you and I appreciate all the support and love you provide for me and the girls. Thanks for making this household run perfectly! Thank you for making sure I am not feeling too guilty about it all :)

I love you,


InTheFastLane said...

You are a lucky lady!

Mommy said...

excuse me while i puke up my breakfast due to all the cheesiness....but it is AMAZING when they pull through, isn't it!

Unknown said...

That is awesome, but are we sure that MVP didn't write this one too?? Remember the hair?! hahahaha

Great job Doug!

Scott Sieper said...

Nice job Doug and nice post Emily. Good luck in your new job. You certainly have a good deal on your plate after just starting your job this week.