Monday, April 7, 2008

3 vs 7

Which do you think is yuckier... the 3 dead squirrels on the one mile stretch of road we live on OR the 7.2 lbs of ketchup my husband picked up (to clarify the ketchup is in ONE container not multiple)?

Keep in mind that every time I drive on the road I now sing:
Three dead squirrels
Three dead squirrels

See how they're squished
See how they're squished

They ran around and now they're dead
Getting frisky didn't pay in the end

Three dead squirrels
Three dead squirrels

On our stretch of road
On our stretch of road

The cars don't stop and they don't slow down
and now these squirrels are upside down

Three dead squirrels... and it goes ON and ON and ON.


Mommy said...

It depends, is Doug going to scrape the squirrels off the road and use the ketchup to eat them with?
Really - who needs that much ketchup? And how the heck does the bottle fit into your fridge?!

Unknown said...

Well if your kiddos are anything like mine - it might be about right just so that you don't have to buy ketchup for about 6 months. Oh, love the song too - glad you have come back to your "roots" hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

I would say that is lyrical brilliance! put a little banjo behind it and a washboard and you've got a hit!

Ketchup is a vegetable, you know.

Rollingthunder said...

But it has a pump! How cool is that?

PS - I might have nailed one of those squirrels, Awwww.... Now there are only 2 billion more in our back yard.

InTheFastLane said...

So, do you have room for that much ketchup in your fridge? Personally i am not a big fan of ketchup and the smell makes me sick (although I do eat it on hamburgers and hotdogs) so I would have to go with the ketchup :)

Mommy said...

Now I have that tune running through my head. over and over and over and over...

once again.
you suck

rebekca said...

poor little squirrels. they seem to reason like cats do when crossing the street.

cat: "uh, no. here comes a car. should I go left or right. right is shorter... but I Hate that side of the street. I guess, I'll go left. wait, right will be saf.."


I feel for the 3 little guys. I'm gonna have to go with the ketchup though, because my husband uses it so much.

Kelly said...

Did your fridge go "uh" when you put that monster in there?

Jessica said...

I thought of you when I passed a freshly squished squirrel on my way to work yesterday and the same not-so-freshly squished squirrel again on my way home.

And that's a lot of ketchup. Even with my new big fridge, I don't think I'd be able to find room for that much ketchup ;-)