Thursday, April 24, 2008

Help Yourself

On the way home this evening:

Mommy: So, who is going to help me when we get home, Max needs to be let

Aubrey: Molly will help you.

Mommy: Aubrey, why don't you help mommy and let Max out when we get

Aubrey: No, thanks Mommy, you can help yourself.

But what a great evening. Picked up the girls and LA offered me a glass of wine - YES please, and some dinner, YES please, and some lovely catch up time. The girls and I had a casual evening and then came home and let the dog out and then we swung on the hammock until daddy got home! Ahhhh.


InTheFastLane said...

What a girl! Some wine sounds good to me...

Jessica said...

She cracks me up :-)

rebekca said...

I love the moment after the first sip- where there is this big *sigh*

anne watson said...

Nice! :) LA Rocks!

AG is a crack up.