Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dude, Where's My Life

So on Sunday evening I did 3 blog posts and used the new nifty draft blogger to schedule them. Pretty cool, huh.

In the mean time my job gets more insane every day. I tried and failed to make carmel corn twice - I have now given up. I did go to the gym Monday, and brought my gym bag today but no way I can get there... and does one carrott stick each count as my kids eating vegetables?

Also, I wore a skirt and forgot to shave my legs... do you think anyone will notice?

The weather is nice, so that's good.

Our 5 year wedding anniversary is this weekend. That is very good.


Jessica said...

Pre-blogging is just another example of what a geek you are ;-)

One carrot stick counts as vegetables...if Eric so much as licks a green vegetable, I count it.

Happy early anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Olivia's idea of nutrition is salami sandwiches. Just salami and bread. So, we count any vegetable intake as well... :)

I want to know why Bertrand Russell, who proposed that if everyone worked 4 hours per week, we'd all be fine, wasn't more popular.

I had a mini anxiety attack the other night, so I'm right there commiseration-wise!

I've also decided to block off whole days in my outlook calendar on false pretenses to avoid having people schedule my time for me!

Mommy said...

Yes...Emily IS a geek!
And remember...they are paying you REALLY WELL to deal with the stress. NEW CAR NEW CAR NEW CAR...right?
And I count Olives as a vegetable for Tommy. Is that OK?

Erin said...

Vegetables? You mean our kids are supposed to eat those yucky green things that they just sit there and pick at? I can't even get mine to eat carrots. We like pickles in this house. Does that count?

Happy 5th Anniversary!

InTheFastLane said...

geek! I am so proud!

Ans jack Jack ate the top off of three teeny tiny broccolis and we called it a whole dinner.