Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life. Falling. Apart.

I am usually known as the one that has it all together, I never forget a birthday or a big event, I am never late with gifts and cards and I somehow always keep a smile on the public facing side of me. Lately, well..... not. so. much.

My niece and nephew turned 6 on the 8th. While I did order their gift prior to that, it wasn't delivered to our house until AFTER that and now it needs wrapping and shipping. The girls made cards but I still haven't BOUGHT a card.

My brother in law had a birthday on Friday. And not until after leaving their house where HE watched my kids during a Pampered Chef party did it click in my head that it was the 12th and his birthday was the 11th and then I felt so awful I didn't call and apologize. Ugh.

At home, it is 10 times worse. I am completely flakey. My hubby is about to shoot me. And it would probably be well deserved :) Is it the ebb and flow of me? Is there something bigger going on? Is it the stress of a new job? Is it the increased work hours? Is it the freaking media saying we are in a recession or heading there that is making everyone crazy?

I am doing the bare minimum in each part of my life and that just stresses me out. So why unload here and now? Well... Accountability of course.

I need to get back on track!
1) I need to get my phone synced up to my computer and calendar - I have been putting this off but need to just DO IT. So I will install HotSync on my work laptop TODAY
2) I need to get a list started (per hubby) that we can share and both see - looks awesome and I created an account today.
3) I need to get to the freaking gym. So next week - I will go twice. Monday and Friday are good days in terms of meetings for next week so those will be my goal days.
4) I need to let my hubby know how much I appreciate and am aware what he has been dealing with :)

What do you do to "keep it all together"? Does anyone really have it all together? Why does it have to be so hard sometimes?


Mommy said...

I never have it together. But I have become the master of faking it! My work hours allow for a bit more time at home....but my house is a MESS and I don't really care. I need a cleaning lady - but haven't found one we like/trust. (John has big issues with people in the house when we're not here) Friday night and Sat AM were exactly what I needed for my sanity - and I hardly ever remember birthdays!!

Jessica said...

A few months ago I almost forgot one of my god-daughters birthdays...I remembered in the nick of time and paid extra to gift wrap and overnight the gift. Two days later, it showed up...on my doorstep. Brilliant!!

I'm in such a state of chaos, it's not even funny. Kitchen demo starts TOMORROW and is causing a number of tense conversations in the house. Hello, all hubby does in the morning is pour cereal and make coffee! Remember that meal called dinner???

Oh, and my Treo REFUSES to sync with my PC...skips right over the contacts and calendar. So frustrated.

InTheFastLane said...

I am in a constant state of struggling to have it together. I think that by the time that happens our kids are all grown up.

Erica said...

I'm just glad to know that my sister really IS human and that I'm "okay". I always wondered how you did it all and why the heck I couldn't keep up! Welcome to the world where the rest of us live. It's okay!

emily said...

Ahhhh, thanks guys! I really thought I was going to end up in a funny farm after the last few weeks :)

Anonymous said...

nobody has it all together. and if they do, they are lying or have hired assistants.

I tried to sync my toaster with my melitta coffee maker this morning and all I got was a quick shock.

I would write more, but the dog is drawing a pentagram with cocaine on the floor and lighting candles. Natalie is watching the "Barbie Nutcracker" Jen is scheduling me for two attachment parenting social functions next week. I have a cold wash cloth on my head - I just scrubbed the bath tub and am overheated. Olivia just called for help.

Oh, and get this: earlier, Jen tells me "This giant centipede thing just squirmed across the floor"

Me: "Didja squash it?"

Jen: "No. Let's just pretend it's gone."

That pretty much sums it up. I'm in control.


rebekca said...

The only thing you gotta keep together is the family. Everything else can just crash on down around you.

well, hopefully not...

Amy W said...

Lists. Tons of Lists.

And really? I don't keep it together. A really good cry normally kicks my butt back into gear. Or a really good pedicure.

Unknown said...

I think that we get so caught up in life and we have such a tight hold for a while that when our bodies and minds just need a break, that is all it is. However, I will say that I have been out in la-la mentally for about the last month or so. Sometimes you just need to "let go and let god". It can take a little bit of time and it will drive you craziest of all, but it all comes back together! Hang in there.