Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Stepford Children Here

I am so proud. Aubrey IS normal. Until last night I had a little fear that Aubrey might be a stepford child. She is polite, smart, funny, loving, and beautiful. But FINALLY she is a kid!

The last few nights Aubrey has been asking to do homework at bedtime. I kinda laughed it off, put some extra books in her bed and we were done. Last night Aubrey was a little more adament about the homework and I said, OK, "do your homework and then go to bed".

A couple hours later I go upstairs and on the hard wood floors outside of Aubrey's room there was a lovely mural in green crayon. Aubrey's name, the letter M (over and over again), and a lifesize portrait of Aubrey. Right there. On the floor.

Oh, don't forget the one bush on the wall.

And in her room, crashed out is the sweetest little girl.

Next morning, Aubrey comes in and looks at my face and says, "mommy why is your face like that". I said, "Aubrey where do we color?". She says, "oh, I was doing my homework I had to practice my M's.". She proceeded to show me a book cover (one of my hardback books, she took the cover off) and showed me how she practiced her M's, drew a dolphin, and drew a picture of me in my wedding dress from my wedding weekend. I reviewed with her where we color and where we don't color and she helped me clean it up. It all came off the floor easily and we still have a bush on the wall. She was told no TV and no dessert for the day. She kept insisting she was just doing homework. But I think she got it.

So, LA and I implemented real homework for Tues and Thurs nights - tonight Aubrey was given a piece of paper with the letter Z. She had to write her name in the upper right hand corner, write the letter Z twice and she has to take it back to school tomorrow. She very much enjoyed the activity! And hopefully no crayon on the floor when I head upstairs in a few minutes.

AND, this morning Molly decided to say "I love you" clear as a bell this morning. Ahhhhhh.


Jenny said...

what?! no pictures??


InTheFastLane said...

I still like to supervise any of Jack Jack's crayoning. And my mom has lovely stories of things that I drew on the with crayons.

Mommy said...

Tommy drew on my mom's wall in eyeliner at Christmas. She thinks its cute - its still there.
He's not even allowed to TOUCH my eyeliners!

Jessica said...

And now I remember why I love Color Wonders.

Unknown said...

Please I need some ideas for murals on my walls. May I borrow AG for a weekend?

Amy W said...

Exactly, where are the pictures??

And do I have the only children who haven't colored on something they shouldn't have?

anne watson said...

Oh my gosh, that is so hysterical.

Claire still writes her name upside down and backwards. Aaah the perils of being a lefty.

rebekca said...

uh, it was homework. like coloring the home- and work at the same time.

I get that girl...

Molly said...

You have a daughter named Molly? That is my name too.

I am visiting to see if you are ready for the prom. Or are you arriving fashionably late.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog, but the book coloring made me a little squeemish.