Monday, April 14, 2008

It's So Easy

On March 1 I ordered Crocs for the girls from Those crocs were for their Easter Baskets. Aubrey's didn't fit. Then I ordered Crocs for my niece and nephew and went ahead and ordered the right size for Aubrey. And I still have the original ones. So today - because I put this task on my To Do list- I went to the croc website and in less than a minute I have a return label.

It was that freaking easy... and now I am kicking myself that I didn't do it originally. I put it off and put it off because I just figured it would be a PITA.

Happens a lot, right... you procrastinate something for some made up reason in your head and it is never as bad as you predict it will or could be. Do you do that? Is it just me?

When was the last time you went, DOH, I should have just done that instead of worrying?


UrbanTerp said...

My brake light would periodically come on and off with the most ANNOYING ding for about 8 months. I procrastinated forever and the fix ended up being a $3 bottle of brake fluid, which took me two seconds to add. Arg!

Mommy said...

Going to the bank. I never remember. I have a check from my mom that has been in my wallet from Easter - and I keep driving past the bank and NEVER pull in the lot!

Dianne said...

I do it ALL the time! I'm working on that though because I find that when I get all those little PITA things done I feel so much freer, my mind so less cluttered.

rebekca said...

Wait. Can I just stand and introduce myself and let you know that I am a procrastinator. I should use a capital p, but I'm putting that off for next time I spell it.

Jessica said...

I get the opposite karma...things that should be easy to fix take drastically longer than ever seemed possible:

Phone craps out? Sprint store closest to my work no longer services phones, they only sell them.

(Work) computer memory craps out? Spend 10 days waiting for more memory only to find out you have to wait another 10 days for a second gig of memory.