Wednesday, December 5, 2007

16 and 20 Not Necessary

My daughter Aubrey is quite interesting in that she does not like to perform AT ALL and will not do something if asked (like ABC's or count or sing). BUT she likes to correct me. So if I start off singing something wrong or saying something wrong she will GLADLY jump in and do it the "correct" way.

I was counting to 5 on the way home last night, for Molly's benefit as she likes to count along (un, oo, ee, or, i). Aubrey jumped in and said, "Not that way mommy, this way" and proceeded to count to 30. Great. Except that she skips 16 and 20. And this is something she has been doing for MONTHS, skipping those 2 numbers. So I try to count with her and add those in. No going. She stops counting, yells at me, and continues HER way. I try to explain that 16 and 20 WERE part of the 1-30 crowd. She wasn't buying it and continued it her way.

So seriously I was having a discussion with my 3 year old and could not get through to her that 16 and 20 were real numbers. It. was. completely. absurd.

So I gave up and I believe Aubrey will someday go before the scientific community with an ironclad argument about how the number system as we know it needs to be modified to exclude 16 and 20, and I am POSITIVE that some part of her argument will involve Chotty.


Sunshine said...

I have always thought the omissions in counting were interesting. I guess it's good(?) when they are wrong but consistent in which ones they leave out.

My favorite counting mistake of my kids has always been ELEVENTEEN.

I think we should petition the counting higher council and get that added.

Unknown said...

I have a feeling that you are right about Chotty! Such an interestingly correct friend!!! :)

InTheFastLane said...

My now 8-yr-old, always left out 16 also. When he was counting we would say "what happened to 16?" And he would respond "I don't like 16." And then keep counting, again leaving out 16.

Mommy said...

She is SO your kid! That is funny....and you never know where Chotty will pop up! Tommy always leaves off 1. He likes to start with 2 - and when we say ABCs he likes to yell P and then yells ME at the end.

rebekca said...

16 and 20 correspond with the letters P and T in the alphabet.

They're PT, or part-time.

I get why she skips them.