Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Pictures of the Holiday and Resolutions

So last we saw the Craig Clan in pre Church activities. From here forward is known as "Kitty Jaquar" Period in our lives.

And it begins. Nanny B made quite the impression with these gifts!
Kitty Cat Jaquar on the move.
Teddy Bear Cinnamon Swirl Bread - my cousin made this and sent it to us - AWESOME.
Christmas Morning, gifts opened, Aubrey has moved her chair from the living room to the family room and is SITTING on her most of her toys, "so my sista doesn't get them".

And Christmas Day at Grandy's... notice the cat in the background.

Most of Christmas morning and Christmas day were videotaped... so here ends this round of pictures :)

Last night we did Christmas with the New Hampshire Craigs and had LOTS of fun! We also went to get the Picture People shot of the 6 grandkids and it was "interesting". Molly screamed the whole time. I think it was great even with the moving Molly!

Sunshine asked us what our favorite gifts were but I want to know what were your KIDS favorite gifts??? Aubrey - can you guess? Yes Kitty Cat Jaquar costume and her Melissa and Doug Dress up ballerina (magnetic). Molly - her radio flyer retro rocket and anything her sister got. Doug - surface temperature laser thing.

New Year's Resolutions

Do you make them? Do you keep them? What do you want to do better/different/same this year?

Personal Resolutions:

  • Continue to excercise 2-4 times a week

  • Continue to eat well

  • Say "YES" more often to "mommy will you play with me"

  • Keep Work at work

Family Resolutions:

  • Go to church with the girls at least once a month (YES, we will try to go more...)

  • Make dinners together more often

  • PLAY more games (thank you santa for candy land)

  • Continue to limit TV and movies.

I like Becky's idea that we take the BLOG365 idea and interpret it as we will... I am still on the fence on what I will do.

So if that post made any sense, you are a better woman than I.


InTheFastLane said...

Those dress up costumes are awesome! My older kids love their digital cameras, and Jack Jack's favorite gift is his rocketship.

Jessica said...

Aubrey is too funny with her kitty cat costume. Eric loves his new chair (just like the one Aubrey and her toys are sitting on, except green) and Evan loves everything Lightening McQueen (the cars and his watch!)

Unknown said...

I don't keep resolutions so that is why I don't make them. I have to check out what Becky said about the 365blog. I'm interested but I'm on the fence too!

Sunshine said...

I have a mental checklist of my resolutions, and of course getting the ones I didn't get nailed last year! ;)