Monday, December 31, 2007

Fun and Karaoke

So we had a little bit of fun last night. We went out with Doug's brothers and their wives - left all the kids with Grandy and Granddad. This has been a tradition for a number of years where the "Siblings" go out.

Deb and Roy were our organizers for this trip and we headed to Belvedere Square. We hit up Ryan's Daughter for pre-dinner drinks then over to Taste for a delicious dinner. After that we went to a Tavern in Parkville for Sunday Night Karaoke. Oh goodness, was that a LOT of fun! Doug and I sang "Friends in Low Places". Debi and Roy were VERY brave and each did a song by themselves and then Mark and Stacie did AC/DC Back in Black.

We are feeling affects of too much alcohol but still laughing about the singing, great conversations, waiter, etc.

I have video but am NOT going to show any of it... just know it was worth the Flip just for this video.


Jessica said...

Since when are you shy about singing country music???

Erica said...

You can't do that! Torture! Can I see it?

Mommy said...

I think you need to post it...even if its only for a day!! PLEASE.... some of us have seen you drunk, and singing...or sober and singing!!

emily said...

Hey guys, that vidoe I speek of is NOT of Doug and I singing... cause I had the Flip so there should not be evidence... the video was of EVERYONE else.

Unknown said...

Now that sounds like a good time. Wish I could have seen Doug sing!! haha