Sunday, December 9, 2007

On the Mend

So I have lost the will to blog or at least the inspiration to even attempt to be funny or interesting or spellcheck.

I feel surprising well after sleeping all. day. Friday. All. Day. Saturday the kids were with Grandy and Grandad (THANK YOU!) and I was worn out but up and about. I wrapped all the presents in the house, including stocking gifts. That took over 3 hours. With my darling husband doing all the lifting. In our house Santa Clause uses special wrapping paper for each of the girls - that paper is never used again anywhere and never seen by mere mortals.

I also finished a blanket I started 2 years ago - WOO HOO for me. I sat in the leather recliner and knitted. We watched the DUMBEST movie Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner. While I enjoyed it, it was not very good. Then we watched some Tivo'd shows - Las Vegas and Psych and then I went to bed.

Aubrey woke up at 3am calling for me so I got her settled down and covered up with ONE BLANKET ONLY. Couldn't go back to sleep so came down and cleaned up the kitchen, took out the trash, checked email. Went back to bed at 5am. Crashed until 7 and now am sitting enjoying a cup of coffee as Aubrey plays nicely with her horsies and Molly naps.

Anyway, nothing inspiring but it is crazy weird to have been in the house all day yesterday with the kids not there for 11 hours. It was toooo quiet but I did need the rest and enjoyed getting a few things done. My parents are heading up today to taked the kids to Applewood Farms - which looks amazing. I am just hoping the weather holds!


Jessica said...

Glad to here you are doing well and getting the opportunity to rest (as much as you can let yourself anyway!). Take it easy, there's still plenty of days until Christmas ;-)

Mommy said...

I'm glad it all went well!
Rest is good...take a little bit during the week, too! Isn't that what Daddies are for???