Saturday, December 1, 2007

Go Navy Beat Army!

I am watching the game and Navy is taking over with AUTORITY! Yeah, they are.

Reminds of this picture I took on the morning of Army Navy Game in 2004.

14 pts in 1:50. Yeah, AUTHORITY.

And of course Random Randomness:

1) My daughter's Christmas list is not easy this year. Her number one request is "Hugs from Santa's Reindeer". Her second request is "Roly Toly's, Pink ones, so I can play with the roly toly's".

So I asked some questions... what is a roly toly, "you jump on it and then you bounce in it", where did you see a roly toly, "At Chotty's House, she has lots of them". I stopped asking questions.

My husband has been doing some research and talking to friends. It is illegal to own reindeer in Maryland - but in Pennsylvania it is not. He asked a friend of ours that lives in PA and there is a lawyer up there that has 4 reindeer. We are working with him to get more details and see how close we can get to these reindeer. In the mean time I ordered a book and stuffed reindeer that will be in the middle of her floor Christmas morning with a note from Santa that he couldn't wake her up and they had a strict time table they had to adhere to.

2) Build a Bear - man are they good. We went for Aubrey's 3rd birthday party. We signed up for "stuff for stuff". They recently sent me 20 Bear bucks. Then a week later I got a 5 dollar coupon and a flyer about their new "limited time" Reindeer stuffed toy. So YEAH, duh, we are going tomorrow. And I will probably spend more than my 25 in coupons... I am a sucker. I have fallen for their trap... I will spend money, they send coupons and "earned bear dollars", so I go to use them and earn more and spend more. It is a vicious cycle. Seriously.

3) If you guys think I am on the ball you need to meet Lori-Anne and my sister in law Debi. We stopped by Debi's today, as requested, and there were advent gifts for the girls but looking around her house she has TONS of gifts already wrapped... I haven't really done the whole wrapping thing yet. Aubrey opened one of the books from Aunt Debi and exclaimed, "Oh, it's GORGEOUS"

4) Grandy and Granddad kept Molly for us this morning while Aubrey and I did dance and swim lessons and Doug worked. We stopped by for lunch and Aubrey said the following to Grandy, "Grandy, if you mind, can I wear this necklace home?"


Unknown said...

I'm sorry but I rolled when you "stopped asking questions"!! Too funny! Yeah, wrapping doesn't get done here for a while either.

rebekca said...

I think Aubrey is extremely creative!

I hope the reindeer thing works out, and I think it's awesome that you and Doug are doing your best to make things happen :)

Oh, and


Sebi is already eyeing Aubrey...