Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Whew! and Challenge

What a whirlwind of family, fun, gifts, and missing naps. We have had a WONDERFUL Christmas. We have pictures and stories and gifts, oh my. I don't know where to start so I will do a bullet list of "stuff" and return later this week with our pictures!

  • Christmas Eve Children's Service - 2nd and 3rd graders putting on the Christmas pageant - Aubrey running to the front of the church yelling, "I WANT TO SEE MARY". Yeah, fun.

  • Aubrey, how was church - "I didn't like it, you wouldn't let me go see Mary and Joseph".

  • The tutu that plays music when you dance, none of my family will ever forget the nutcracker music

  • Trying to get pictures of the 3 grandkids in their matching PJ's.

  • Tears from good memories wrapped up as a gift

  • When asking Aubrey if she wants to open presents, "I do, I do, I just really do"

  • Kitty Cat Jaquar Aubrey

  • Great Food

  • SANTA CAME! And proved that he does not TAKE your toys.

  • Aubrey sitting on all her toys so her sister couldn't get them

  • Molly jumping on her zebra and going to town.

  • Did I mention Kitty Cat Jaquar Aubrey?

OK, started this at least 2 days ago... haven't gotten any further :)

Got an email about NaBloPoMo challenge for all of 2008 - yup Blog 365 baby... you get one day off, Feb 29th :)

Haven't had a moment to blog this week it feels like. Being on "vacation" with the kids home leaves ZERO time.

But finally uploaded pictures and now need to organize them and post them. And tell our Christmas stories. And clean the house. And excercise. And clean out my closet. And put away wrapping paper. And take down the tree. And visit with family in town over the weekend. And try to get a Picture People shot of all 6 grandchildren. And grocery shop. And I really need to get the Flip Ultra Video Cam. And Doug is working all weekend. And OMG I am going to freak out. Bye.


Sunshine said...

Since I accidentally bought it, I'm a total Flip whore. LOVE it.

And with kids, staying sane is practically impossible at this time of year! So the NaBlo thing for every day of the year makes me feel like taking prescription meds. Oy!!

emily said...

Oh, I totally found the Flip for a GREAT price at Amazon (cheaper than I saw it on EBAY!). It is being delivered tomorrow :) WOO HOO for me.

Yeah There is no way I am doing the blog every day...

Kelly said...

I might join you in the 365 thing.

I'm with you on the "tons of things to do".

I bought the Flip for my husband, but we're not sure if we want it. We may just invest in another digital camera that takes better video than ours. What are your thoughts on the Flip?? (When I went to buy it and asked a salesperson for it, he asked if I was buying it for a kid. They were all sold out because of parents getting them for their teenagers.)

Can't wait to see your pics!!

InTheFastLane said...

Even after Christmas, life is still crazy. I think I need another two weeks to recover from it all.

rebekca said...

Well, you should be a prould mama that she knows who Mary and Joseph were.

Merry Christmas! Hope yours was memorable. I meant to send you a card, but I somehow lost (my boys nibbled on) the return address section of the envelope you sent :( but, I do make sure the kids get some fiber in the diet..

and if you'll join in, I'll up the anty to 366...

Unknown said...

Wow, 365 days - That my friend is a challenge - I don't know if I'm up to it yet or not. Great bullet points, can't wait to see the pictoral!

anne watson said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome.

Yeah there is no way I can blog every day. I barely turn on my computer on the weekends....