Friday, December 21, 2007

Best Day

5:50 am - cuddled with hubby and talked about the day
6:05 am - got up made coffee, blueberry muffins, cleaned kitchen, checked email
6:30 am - both girls awake, dressed (daddy helped)
6:45 am - breakfast with family
7:15 am - in car with girls on our way to school
8:00am - in car on my way to a quiet house
9:00am - after laundry and list making, on the way to run errands
9:25am - stop at the Mac to get a protein shake and say hi to my trainers
10:00am - Kohls, got bras and other 'stuff'
10:30am - Borders, got books other 'stuff'
11:00 am - Wegmans - INSANELY crowded with customers and shelve stockers (OK, maybe I ran into Chico's and Ann Taylor Loft..)
11:30 am - eyebrows, pedicure
12:30pm - car unloaded, groceries away, commence lunch and finish wrapping a couple of things, finish folding and putting away laundry
1:30 pm - laying on bed finishing up GREAT BOOK.
3:00 pm - Got Kids

Molly is taking a late afternoon nap, Aubrey is having some quiet time, Doug is on his way home and then we are headed to their school christmas party which should be a VERY fun time! I can't wait to see the "show" :)


Unknown said...

That does sound like the BEST day!! Glad that you enjoyed it and were productive (if that was your goal - when isn't it your goal- lol).

Mommy said...

That sounds AWESOME!!

anne watson said...

soooo awesome.