Monday, December 3, 2007

Posting for Postings Sake?

I totally miss the daily posting of my blogging friends. Know I think of you often and have hit Refresh on Google Reader about 1700 times so far today.

Aubrey had me BELLY laughing last night as we were laying together. She was singing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" but instead of "you would even say it glows" she says, "you would even say it BLOWS". EVERY SINGLE TIME. I tried to correct her but she said, "it not glow, it BLOWS mommy". So she kept singing it over and over and I kept laughing harder, so she was laughing and it was just pure joy and pure fun.

There has been some big family news on both sides of my family lately! It is very exciting.
  • My niece Sarah got her first college acceptance letter to MICHIGAN. She has not made her decision but it is VERY exciting that she is already hearing positive news!
  • My other niece Anna, 5, is READING! Amazing.
  • My cousin Cindy is pregant with her first child and due in May! I can't wait until Dec 18 to see if it is a little girl and I give her all my clothes :)
  • Her sister, Heather is ENGAGED! WOO HOO! I just found out this morning. His name is Todd which gets very confusing. See, I am married to a Doug. My sister is married to a Doug - so we call him "The Other Doug" or TOD. But now there is a Todd, so do we call him "The Other TODD" or TOT? That's not fair... but funny.

Anywho, wish you all were posting. Dreaming of NaBloMoPo next year :)


Sunshine said...

Put me in the category of people who will NOT miss it!
I had to "Mark as Read" 513 items in my Google Reader this morning.

Why can't they do it in February when nothing better is going on??? I get so behind, argh!!!

Mommy said...

1. I CANNOT believe that Sarah is applying to college! And she got into Michigan!! GOOD FOR HER!
2. I think that Aubrey is a mini-you. I remember you belly laughing over some tap lights...and the more we laughed..the more you tapped!!

rebekca said...

We are but sad addicts to this blogging world.

Not that I have finals to be worried about or anything...

Unknown said...

When you call TOD, TOD - do you just say it like Todd or do you spell out the letters? That might be funnier and no so nicer either though! :)