Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pretzel Goldfish

Doug and I were standing in the kitchen discussing dinner. Molly and Aubrey woke up from 3 hour naps just a little bit ago and had a snack and we had just finished a craft project. Daddy put on Lady and the Tramp for Aubrey.

Molly walked into the kitchen, opened the "Junk Food" drawer, pulled out the bag of Pretzel Goldfish.

Carried it into the family room

Sat down on the floor

Proceeded to carefully unwrap the top and open the bag

And began eating the goldfish while watching the movie.

Doug and I watched the entire thing and were busting out laughing. My 16 month old- who pretends she doesn't talk or understand the rules- sure knows a lot more than she is letting on. Stinker Belly Winker.

Stinker Belly Winker
So, I picked up these foam stickers from Michael's and I got white boxes to "wrap" presents. Aubrey and I decorated the boxes today.
Aubrey and her new friend Rudolph, and her sisters new friend "Clarice".
Aubrey has been walking around all evening with them both. And she totally dressed herself and we even went to the mall with her in this outfit - dress top is green velvet, dress bottom is the white fluffy stuff, and the pink polka dot tights. Lovely.


Mommy said...

At least she is dressed! I saw a Princess Jasmine at the grocery store not too long ago = and a spiderman at the mall (Complete with mask!)

Jessica said...

Thank you for reminding me why we keep our pantry "locked" :-)

Unknown said...

I love the Molly story! Ugh, I think that Regan has the fashion issue - she will end up being a hippy girl, seriously!!!

rebekca said...

In regard to the sidebar which had me laughing for a good while before I could type...

And, I'm not that kind of woman either, Kali.

Wait. I have three kids. nevermind.

I am soooo bad.