Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Dash, The Cough, The Diet

  1. Watch This: http://www.dashpoemmovie.com/
  2. Send how to manage a cough in a 16 month old... email or comment
  3. 2 lbs left to Goal - WOO HOO :)


Unknown said...

The Dash was great! Thanks I need every reminder that I can get to chill. The cough, Anne and Jonathan said that the honey did work for one of the kids. The Diet - YOU GO GIRL!!! You are truly an inspiration.

Unknown said...

http://blog.duckiebaby.com/archives/184 - it was for Claire. Maybe it won't help so much in a 16 month old - not sure.

Mommy said...

YEAH on almost reaching the goal!! You're probably going to be able to fit into those black cut-off shorts of yours from high school that I wore to the movies that night...remember? I looked like SUCH an idiot!

Kelly said...

Let's see the black cut-offs!!

I can't help you with the cough situation. Delsym stopped helping Reagan 2 weeks ago, so I asked my doctor about the status of giving/not giving Robitussin Cough and Cold to him. He said it was ok in moderation--especially since he was over 3. Anyways, it helped. It must have been the drainage that tickled his throat to make him cough so much. Anways, like I said...it helped, but he's over 3. Not like little Molly.

Jessica said...


I have no idea if it will work, but it's worth a try!

We also use the Sudacare (?) plug-in vaporizers and they help too...and the kid doesn't smell like Vicks :-)

Unknown said...

I totally forgot about the vapor rub on the feet with socks - It has helped us a few times too. Especially when I don't have any of those plugins.

Jenny said...

I think Ali used to have good luck with room temp apple juice? (If I recall...) Otherwise what everyone else said: saline drops, humidifier, raise the mattress and get a sudaplug.

Way to go on the weightloss my friend!! :-)