Friday, March 21, 2008

Convos with Aubrey

Last night while snuggling you would have heard this:
Aubrey: Mom, will Jesus come for Easter.
Mommy: Yes.
Aubrey: But I thought it was the Easter Bunny that comes.
Mommy: Well, yes the Easter Bunny does come to help celebrate, but the important thing about Easter is that Jesus Lives.
Aubrey: Jesus dieds on the cross with his legs and his crown has pricklies that choke him and the men with the dice are NOT NICE and are you going to die?
Mommy: (trying to keep up and make sure Aubrey takes a breath) Um, yes I will die one day. But the important thing about Easter is that Jesus Lives
Aubrey: (starts singing Jesus Lives then stops) Mommy, will you die and go to heaven and I can't see you anymore?
Mommy: Who told you about that?
Aubrey: Nanny and Grandy
Mommy: Well, you don't need to worry about that right now.
Aubrey: Well, if you die in heaven then you can come back alive like Jesus did but will you ride a donkey?
At this point I grab Aubrey and kiss her all over and we go back to princess discussions cause I couldn't keep going with this...

And on another note:
For the last 3.5 years our house has been held hostage by no less than 5 baby gates in our house - up and active. For the past 18 months that has been 7. Right now? ONE. And that one is for Max and is only closed during the day. It is AMAZING! I had forgotten how nice and spacious are doorways actually were. It is like a whole new world.

Daycare is closed today so my sister and my Nana are headed up to the house to watch the girls with Arley. I am sure they will have fun :)


Jessica said...

How did you manage to get rid of baby gates? We're still hanging at 4 (although 1 is for the cat) with no end in sight. Eric thinks it's HILARIOUS to run out of his room towards the steps while looking behind him to see if I'm chasing him. And I am, and usually grab him by the shirt if I have forgotten to close the gate because 'slow down' and 'pay attention' go in one ear and out the other. Just like his brother.

Anonymous said...

wow. so, when you come back, are you going to ride a donkey? I think I would prefer a camel. Sure, they have a reputation for being cranky, but I think the view would be better.

InTheFastLane said...

Questions about death are always a little tricky. But, what a smart little girl you have.

When we finally got rid of the last baby gate it was like our house got bigger. But, we still have door knob covers on some doors to keep JAck Jack out for five minutes or so until we hear what he is up to.

rebekca said...

I love reading Aubrey's long winded conversations with you. And I love that you manage to remember them and entertain us all!

anne watson said...

I'm giggling about you coming back and riding a donkey.

I love 3.5 year old minds.

Hooray on the baby gates. We are still held hostage...4 in the house. Madeline is a terror and takes every opportunity to get into things she shouldn't still. I swear, turn your back for 2 seconds and she's in the toilet, pulling things out of a kitchen cabinet or scaling the piano. :)