Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nauseous News

I have big news I have been holding on to.

Do you know who?

someone is nauseous
and I love her very much
she's having a baby and is sick a bunch

it's a girl I am hoping
but a boy will work too
come november she will need sleep - could it be you?

there are clues in the comments
of food posts that I had
she wanted food mentioned really bad

and now she wants none
cause she's sick as a drunk clown
with a toddler running all around.

So... any guesses?


Anonymous said...

it's me! That pregnant "man" on Oprah last week was a fraud. I'm the real preggo.

Oh, wait, maybe that's chub.


Mommy said...

Its Rocket. (Erica)

And Cube needs to read my post about the "pregnant man"..."he" isn't really a man at all!

Anonymous said...

Rocket? That's a cool name!

Yeah, I heard all about the "he" from my wife -- I thought it was kinda silly.

Like if I claimed I was a Moose.

Oh, wait...

Congratulations to Erica!

Jessica said...

We've got a mission!! Oh wait, wrong Rocket, and clearly way too much Little Einsteins being watched in my house.

Congrats Erica!! Hope the sickness goes away soon!