Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday Baby

UPDATED: REAL birthday baby news!! Kyle Michael was born this morning! My cousin had a baby boy! YAY :) Everyone is doing OK and we can't wait to see the newest addition to the family!

My hubby has a birthday this week. Birthdays are a very big deal around here!


Happy Birthday. I love you. I appreciate everything you do around this house and for me and for our girls. You are a great husband, a loving father and you keep us all laughing and enjoying each day together.

Also? You are a great fisherman, the best in your family.

I love how organized you are and how you take the time to deal with all the customer service ins and outs (and totally think you should start a blog on that kinda thing). I love that you want us to have the best of everything and provide us with all they we could need or ever want. I love how easily you laugh at yourself and me and that you still pants me in the kitchen (although teaching Molly that is NOT cool).

I love how much you love birthdays and hanging out with us and keeping in touch with your friends. I love how you found your passion for swimming and head in whole heart. Just like you jump into everything! I like how you know the right gadgets and get the right gadget for every job.

I love you. And this week, we honor you and your birthday!

Thanks Betty :)




Mommy said...


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Doug. Emily - your cup runneth over??!! sounds like it to me and you deserve it!!!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

The month of August must be really something since there seen to be so many May b'days! My son Tim's is today and my daughter-in-law Jenjer's is on the 17th. Grandson Luke's is on the 26th.

So "Many happy returns of the day" (Pooh). Hope you have a wonderful celebration. And as long as wishes are coming in, I think you should have cake every day!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Doug :-)

Rollingthunder said...

OK, making me all teary eyed on my birthday?

Thank you all, but special thanks to my wonderful wife. I love you honey.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Doug!!!

rebekca said...

Happy Birthday, Doug!