Sunday, May 4, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow

We spent the day outside! It was beautiful. It started at 7am with the girls and I out weeding and then we ran to Lowes.

Aubrey is taking over "bob's garden" and we planted a big packet of wild flower seeds, some pink impatients and some Mint. She is very excited - here is the "before" picture and I am hoping I will keep up with pictures as it grows in for Aubrey to keep.

We also planted tomatoes and an herb garden. I am excited to see how this comes out! Cherry Tomatoes, Big Boy Tomatoes, Rosemary, Cilantro, Thyme, and Basil.

The Front Door

The Dog


Anonymous said...

Oh man ... when are those impatients going to grow? I can't wait any longer.

Sounds like a nice day.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand the second photo. Is that like a suspended herb garden?

And... why didn't we see you at the Fairie Festival in Glen Rock? It was a trip.

InTheFastLane said...

I am thinking that Jack Jack and I are going to grow tomatoes this year. In fact I was planning to pick up supplies after work today.

rebekca said...

Mine's not growing like that. I just put in a border around my mulch- because mulch MUST BE CONTAINED. and I planted some petunias. They're thinking about whether or not they want to make it...