Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dirty and Bruised

They were sent home covered in dirt today
and that is how I know they were involved in active play
bruises all over and smiles so big
I love that they got to play and dig

At school they get dirty
But are never in a hurry
So much fun is had
how can that be bad?

Some other mothers amaze me
Or maybe it's me that's crazy
but happy and running and safe as can be
I love that they come home dirty and bruised and smiling at me.


Mommy said...

cute...very cute. Tommy came home dirty and bruised today, too. And then I found a tick in his hair during tubby....I'm really glad he smushed angel food cake in his hair so I had to wash it....
Check those blonde beauties!!

Amy said...

Did you recover from Prom? ;)

I had a mom in my son's preschool get so upset because they played with shaving cream and he got dirty...it's soap! I guess they were going somewhere afterwards...

Come on...he had fun! I swore I would never get upset if my kids came home dirty...it's soooo much fun!

Christine said...

the dirtier they are the more fun they had! loved this.

and thank you for you kind words over at my running blog yesterday.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great time - wish I could come home dirty, bruised and smiles!!! Then I would be Regan's age! :)

Jessica said...

My only problem is when Evan busts a hole in the knees of his pants...I tried fixing them, but clearly am not a seamstress :-)

Kelly said...

I used to be a neat freak--wiping Reagan as soon as I saw one little thing of dirt on his hands/clothes/face/whatever. Then I got over it.

I love how he gets dirty. It still grosses me out that he's dirty~~like I can't imagine the feeling~~but I know he's having a good time.

And God invented washing machines for a reason...

I'm with Jessica. Reagan started getting holes in his jeans which bums me a bit. But, hey! It's going to happen when you're having so much fun!

Great poem!!!

Erin said...

I love them when they're dirty but I love them even more after a shower!

rebekca said...

GREAT poem!

blog on, girl. blog on.