Sunday, May 18, 2008

TV and Music

I watched a penultimate and finale episode for 2 shows this week (Bones and CSI). And with the internet it seems like there is much less "OMG, what will happen" tied up in those shows.

I find those shows interesting and I like the shows so I will keep watching next year but I am not freaking out like I did when 1) I was yonger and 2) it was Friends. Maybe my age? Maybe the internet where I can actually find out if the person that got shot has renewed their contract or not? Maybe a combination? Regardless, season finales don't have the draw for me they used to.

Just found the need to write that.

I got this CD for the girls last week and they LOVE it. "The birdie song and the garden song" are their favorites and they keep asking for us to play it. I also found out that BNL has a new kids album out, so we downloaded that and I am not quite sure how much we will be using it RIGHT NOW but it will be interesting to see if they like it.

I love that bands we used to listen to - like Barenaked Ladies or They Might Be Giants - have kids albums! Is this a fairly new trend?


rebekca said...

who else googled penultimate?


Anonymous said...

You know the guy who was Steve on Blues Clues is in a band. He sings a cool ground hog song.

And I knew what penultimate was Rebekca.


Rollingthunder said...

The writers strike really kept me from getting into any show this year, so I focused on playing with my Wii:)

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Okay, don't watch Lost but am a CSI fan. I'm not surprised about the finale - especially since it seems one of the team HAS to be in limbo for the duration of time between end of old season and beginning of new season - Nic in the acrylic coffin, Sara under the car in a flooding canyon, etc. I guess it was Warrick's turn. But the writer's strike ruined a lot of steam that has to be built over a season - you just can't get it back in 5 episodes!

I'm a Brothers & Sisters fan and I felt the same about their so-called "big disclosure" at the end. Oh, yawn...

We'll see what happens tonight after I see the Tivo'd finale of Desperate Housewives.

Yes, I watch shows of dubious moral redemption...ones I wouldn't have ever let my kids watch if they were still under 18's...I CONFESS!!!

Amy said...

Have you read my post regarding the BNL? I love them...I love Ed Robertson...he's the coolest...scroll way back to February of this year and read about it...

Thanks for the advice...I'm going to have to check that out on itunes.