Monday, May 5, 2008


Dueling Banjos is live and operational! WOO HOO. Very cool. Thanks Cube :) RSS FEED

And this evening as Molly was being carried up to bed after being, well, Molly... I turned to Aubrey and said, "Aubrey Girl, what are we going to do about that Molly". She replied, "Well, maybe she can go live with someone else".

And then Aubrey went outside and I jumped into the hammock and Aubrey wanted to play hide and seek. So I counted, and Aubrey hid and then I said, "are you behind the tree" and she giggled and jumped out and said, "Let's do it again". So without leaving the hammock, I was able to play hide and seek :) YAY ME.

And I really think it is un-American if you don't have a Corona on Cinco de Mayo... don't you?

This Beginning Reading website has some great free worksheets!! We have been enjoying them. Any tips on your side for that kinda thing?

And one more thing... I just ordered this CD that I read about here. Go to the website and listen to the songs!


Erin said...

I really like your dueling banjos site. I also ordered the CD/DVD collection of That Baby music. I'm hoping my MIL will carry it in her children's boutique.

Kelly said...

I had to laugh at Aubrey's suggestion. Kyanne has tried to get rid of her brothers on more than one occasion.

InTheFastLane said...

Heh...I tried to sell my little brother once. Gotta love 'em!

Dianne said...

I actually left my baby brother at a neighbor's house! :)

then I got really scared that they'd keep him, he was cute.

you made me smile

rebekca said...

I love the pics of you guys on the new site!

Love the corona comment! LOL, but true!