Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Gray Day

Daddy, Grandy, Aubrey, and Molly headed down to see Aunt Stacie, Anna, and Caleb and go to an Animal Encounter show at Kensington Elementary. Caleb held a 15 ft boa constrictor. They all went to the park to play and had a yummy lunch. Apparantly Molly did great walking everywhere with her new Tivas on.

It was leftover night for dinner and I enjoyed 2 Lindt Lindor Truffles - Dark - YUM. Girls had baths and Aubrey is watching Ice Age.

Pretty wonderful day.

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Scott said...

Dear One,
Twas a grey day then a bright day then a grey day then...well you get the picture. I played nine holes with minimal lower back pain, mowed the yard and packed. Now your glorious Mom is engaged in packing. I am staying well out of the collateral damage range. We love you and miss you.
Busted G-taw and Now Nana