Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Story Time and Groceries

gray day...

Daddy and Grandy took Aubrey and Molly to story time at the library and then they all went to the grocery store. Aubrey drove the car all around the store and ran into a little boy who had cheese so she had to have cheese.

Grandy and I hit the consignment shop and had a nice hour of relaxation and shopping - I found some great buys!

I have been up since 4 working and fading in a big way but Doug and I are going to go The Front Room - a new restuarant on the East Prom. It was AMAZING! We hit the drink specials and house wine and Shipyard beers were 2 bucks a glass :) Everything was fresh and yummy - seriously yummy.

One bit of news - I painted Aubrey's toenails and fingernails for the first time last night(with that color we got at About Faces, Lori-Anne). She was SOOO cute about it - and in fact still is holding her fingers/hands very daintily.

Sorry no fun pictures or stories... did I mention fading fast?

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