Thursday, July 5, 2007

Journal Entry Day 2

The day started out rainy and cold (with pancakes) but turned into a fun beach day.

Doug took a 4 hour shopping trip with Molly. The older cousins all went to the Ft. Williams playground for 2 hours. I worked, and was amazingly productive. Doug took a long swim out to the Caper.

At the beach someone had built a "boat" in the sand and everyone had a great time using their imagination, being captain and "helpers" and passengers.
We grilled up Mark's 29 inch fish and it was delicious!
Here is a picture of Anna and Aubrey taken this morning as they played with toys. Aubrey is really enjoying playing with her "friends". "Well, mommy I'm playing with my friends for a little bit". That is how she responds when I ask her to do something!

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