Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hypothesis and Log Entry

Doug's Theory of Heat and Rockfish:
As the temperature of the water rises, the striped bass become somewhat dormant, eat less, generally are more lazy and take the bait less. Therefore, the current environmental conditions in Cape Elizabeth are not condusive to productive fishing.

Log Engry for 7/31:
A most beautiful day! We hit the beach for a couple of hours and found a live crab and live hermit crabs. Aubrey SWAM in the ocean and we got it on video! It was very cool. Around 11:00 we packed up and headed down to meet Grandy and Granddad at the boat. We took a family boat ride around Richmond Island, to Higgins Beach and then to Two Lights. Aubrey said, "Faster". Molly was either screaming or asleep. Aubrey got to steer the boat again and was very cute snuggling with me.

Aunt Jean and Uncle Alan arrived safely and are enjoying a beautiful sunset on the deck - Doug and I are sitting at opposite ends of a table on laptops.


Kelly said...

I know that you have been working alot during this visit, Em, but I am so jealous of the life you living right now! Sounds like it could be a year-round vacation living up there. I am willing to bet that this will be one of your favorite Craig Family memories for a long, long time.

Scott said...

Happy Birthday to the Mollster! The new Ruyle should be here tomorrow. I finished HP # 7 and am going into a deep depression. After 10 years of magic to be complete is too tragic.
see you soon--D/gt

Jessica said...

'Screaming or sleeping'...I feel your pain :-) Thanks for all the blogging, and keeping up with mine!