Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fishing Log - Updated Daily

7/26 and 7/27 - No fish, but apparently great days out on the water.

7/25 - 30 and 26 inch Stripers Caught, the 26 was legal, and made a GREAT dinner!

7/24 FORTY INCH STRIPED BASS, yes I said 40 inches. Doug is still out on the boat... he just radioed in and we are going CRAZY here at the house! Pictures and details to come! (picture is the 40 incher)

7/17 Doug 26 inch Striped Bass

7/11 Doug 29 inch Blue Fish
7/?? Dad Craig 24 inch Striped Bass, Doug 2 Small Ones
7/4 - Mark 29 inch Striped Bass


Scott said...

I sure would love some fresh "rock" for my birthday! Yum!
love mom

emily said...

Sure thing!