Saturday, July 7, 2007


YAY, I didn't have to work! I went for a great run and then Doug headed to fish and Grandy and I went looking for yard sales, took the girls to the library, and then we all packed up lunch and hit the beach for a couple of hours. Both girls had an amazing time.

Doug swam the length of the beach - while Grandy and I got nervous with all the boats going in and out.

We packed everyone into one car and headed to LL Bean to see the Paula Cole concert. It rained. Aubrey danced and was the quite the show off for people around us. I think she thought everyone kept clapping for her. She walked right up to 3 policemen and said, "Hi Policeman, do you want to watch me dance?" And they did!

We got home around 9:45 and both girls behaved amazingly well for staying up so late.

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