Sunday, July 15, 2007

How Could I Forget... Max

Max had quite the wild weekend. Friday night he had a run in with a skunk and we ALL came out on the losing end of that. His head STILL stinks - full head shot of spray! (luckily we were in Lake Winni and didn't have to smell him all weekend - thanks Grandy and Grandad :))

Sunday morning Max cornered and CAUGHT a chipmunk in his mouth. He is such a good dog he listened to Granddad and let go of the chipmunk - who was still very much alive.

Five minutes ago I took Molly out of her high chair and Max got his HEAD stuck in the leg hole and almost took down the whole kitchen trying to get it out...

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Kelly said...

Too bad you couldn't get video of the high chair fiasco! Sounds very funny. Sorry to hear about the skunk. The stories about Max make me laugh out loud!