Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Fun

We were having some silly time on Thursday evening. Aubrey was learning how to use the camera and was using daddy as a jungle gym.

Everyone say, ahhhh, sisters! They were playing VERY nicely together.

Grandy and I headed to Red's Eats for the most amazing lobster rolls (all the meat of an entire lobster on a "itty bitty" roll). Then we went shopping at Edgecomb. This was after we had a very relaxing hour at Picture People with the girls.

When I say relaxing I am LYING. AND when I say ITTY BITTY I am doing it in the Aladin voice...

Link to Edgecomb and amazing pottery:

So after getting Harry Potter this morning, we hit a yard sale and got this "Paris Hilton University" for Molly and the gigantic doll house for Aubrey.

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Sardonicus said...

Pretty wonderful book, that Potter. :-)