Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great Friends, Great Fun

We had so much fun this weekend! The house was beautiful or as Aubrey said when we walked in, "This is the most amazing cool house I ever saw in my life". Sydney is a great hostess and Aubrey wants to "see cindy tomorrow, she's my friend". Cole is so adorable and laid back! He and I really bonded, I think. Scott and Kimberly were wonderful hosts! It was so fun to see Billy - and JULIE WE MISSED YOU!

Dillon and Owen are amazing! They are so vibrant and happy. Aubrey was QUITE excited to see "Uncle Brian". She was very curious about Lynne being a dance teacher.

Kimberly took us on a great boat ride! Doug and my girls stayed home for naps. We saw some beautiful houses on the lake and went into Wolfeboro. It was a beautiful day.

We ended the day with some poker and more beer. Doug was out early (no surprise), and Lynne really cleaned up! Guts was interesting... I guess...

Can't wait to see everyone again early August! Enjoy the pics.


Unknown said...

Well, I'm glad Doug finally found someone to play guts with him!

emily said...

Yes, and he lost :) I however won some big money there. Big Money = 3 bucks :p)