Friday, July 6, 2007

First Friday

What a nice day! Lots of work to do, but the kids went swimming at the Agan's. Caleb swam the whole length of the pool! It was VERY impressive. Anna and Aubrey had fun standing on the side of the pool playing "whack a mole" with Caleb and Aunt Stacie. Molly splish splashed with Grandy and tried to eat the noodle. We all had a nice lunch on the deck until the BIG thunder storm moved in and chased everyone inside.

A quiet afternoon, more rain and thunder, ahhhhh we are in MAINE! We headed to Christmas Tree Shop and then met Granddad at The Village where apparently all the stars alighned and we had a drama free dinner. The kids were great and we all stopped for ICE CREAM! Aubrey and I walked home from the ice cream stand and she dripped chocolate ice cream down her entire front! Toes to forehead.

Doug and I took a long walk on the beach and over the rocks and looked at each other in shock - WE ARE STILL A COUPLE! YAY!

(Having technical difficulties with todays picture, keeps showing up as brown square... will work on that tomorrow).

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