Thursday, July 5, 2007


The kids had a great first day! We had our first injury - Aubrey was running from the Dadster, who was scaring all the cousins and WHACK, Aubrey hits right above her right eye as she runs right into the corner of the dresser (if you read yesterday I had the details wrong, sorry).

But they had so much fun together! And they had a great "4th of July, Flags, Aubrey and Anna and Caleb, Flags and Glow Sticks Parade, Parade"

We pulled into Kettle Kove at 11:15 after a record 8 hour 45 minute drive - no one was on the Turnpike! BUT there was some sad news as we pulled in, Mark was just walking around the corner of the garage with a 29 inch Striped Bass. Doug realized he would quickly need to get to the business of fishing. And then he remembered we were here for 5 weeks, so he relaxed!

We had fun on the beach! Molly ate some sand but I believe she learned her lesson. Aubrey was just running and running and has no fear of the water.

And then the clouds rolled in and it is CHILLY! I just got back from a nice walk/run on the beach and we are making our lists to get settled in.

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