Friday, April 4, 2008

Bullet List Mania

I know you have missed my trip to the randomness that can be my bullet lists.
  • I owe a couple of memes/posts, I have not forgotten!
  • I started this post 3 hours ago. This is my life right now.
  • I need to get back to the gym. I have been 2 or 3 times since January and it is effecting my mood, energy level, etc.
  • I freaking love spring. I mean like it is a life changing thing for me each year seeing the Daffadils and Forsythia. Like yellow hope springing forth from the ground.
  • I love spring because it reminds me of my best day ever. I was married in the spring and on our first wedding anniversary (I was preggers) we had the best day ever. My hubby got me 60 parrott tulip bulbs - the flower from my wedding - and then planted them that fall so every spring I see the flowers I carried at my wedding - the best gift ever.
  • I get teary when I think about that and I remember how much I am loved.
  • I am going to the gym today with a co-worker - the only other woman - we are hitting a yoga class. That should be fun.
  • I am starting to enjoy my job. A LOT.
  • Laundry has taken over my house and my husband has cooked all week. I am a bad housewife.
  • I have a pair of shoes in at least half the rooms in my house.
  • My daughters GREW so much in Florida none of their winter pants hit their ankles. How does that happen???
  • I am not a good friend. Someone calls to vent and get a shoulder and I monopolize the entire conversation with my weirdness. How do I stop that?
  • Aubrey asks me each night and each morning, "when is our next trip cation"
  • I miss my blog. Actually I miss emails in my inbox from comments on my blog.
  • I need to understand HOW working women, with kids, get to the gym during the week. Seriously - PLEASE tell me when you go and how that fits into your families lives.
  • I was in a meeting from 1-7 last night without a bathroom break. It was kinda funny. And weird. And interesting. I don't think I need to mention I was the only woman? So at 7 when I stood up and said, "is this a test of endurance" they guys had NO idea what I meant! Dudes, I need to pee.
  • At 5:30 I asked if we could institute a corporate policy that beer is required at meetings past 5:30 and they looked at me like I had 7 heads. They think I am weird but I think you all know that it must be them.

And that concludes my stream of consciousness.


Mommy said...

Good stream. I am also a bad friend - but such is life.
I would have gotten up at that meeting. And I agree with the beer thing - there is ALWAYS beer at our end of the year picnic at school. It ROCKS. One year a whole bunch of teachers got SO drunk - they slept on the chairs and couch in the faculty lounge for the night!

Mommy said...

Oh - and the gym thing....I RUSH out of work - hit the gym for maybe 45 minutes - then RUSH to daycare to get Tommy. Sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't. But I don't get to take any cool classes - and its just enough time for me to feel good that I went - and work off a little stress. But, remember - I get minimal help with daycare pickup and dropoff because of John's crappy schedule.

InTheFastLane said...

As for the gym...I don't go. We splurged and got a treadmill a few years back and we have free weights and and exercise ball in out basement. I use the treadmill when the weather is bad. Most work mornings I am up by 4:30 to run outside or in the basement, so that I can get in the shower by 5:45.

I have NO time to do this after work, even though I am home by 3:30. That is when the activity craziness begins.

Sunshine said...

What is this gym you speak of?

I need to get back, but not until home improvement stuff is OVER. I'm way too mental right now.

Unknown said...

Beer at late meetings should definitely be mandatory everywhere. Unless it's a meeting of doctors about to perform brain surgery, or something like that. Then, no beer. But for folks like us, evening meetings should be at beer-thirty.

Unknown said...

Come to think of it, meetings at 2:00 would probably be better with beer too.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna start with the six hour meeting sans urination break. That's insane. I would have left after an hour, then repeated every hour on the hour. I take blood pressure meds -- six hours ain't a reality for me.

Anywho, enough sharing.

I started the whole biking to work thing because without it, exercise wasn't gonna happen. During the winter, I have to ride in the basement while telling Olivia stories, which is a little challenging. Maybe you can set up a gym in your house and exercise while doing play doh and other activities with the girls? Order up an elliptical and weightlifing machines and just have them delivered. When it comes time to discuss the bill, consider starting off with "I'm doing this for the children..."


Erica said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying you're new job!!!

Erica said...

woops--YOUR new job!!!

Jenny said...

glad you are back :-)
I don't go to the gym. I can't figure in out either.
One day....

Jessica said...

You are a good friend...your weirdness helped me not get all teary and mommy-gooey on the way to work. And you know how I hate to be teary and gooey...

If the men in your office had beer with meetings, then they would definitely understand the need for a pee break :)

Jessica said...

P.S. I'm glad you blogged...I missed them!

Unknown said...

No gym answers to give you.

You are a GREAT friend and something you might need to hear is that listening to your weirdness help someone else out - so you aren't monopolizing!

6 hr no pee break - WTF?! More like pay me triple time for the kidney infection issues I will have in a week.

Doug's beer-thirty sounds really good to me too!