Friday, May 9, 2008

Doing Something Right

Aubrey: Mommy, I want to get married.

Me: Why do you want to get married, Aubrey?

Aubrey: Because I want to be loved.

Me: Well, OK, who will you marry?

Aubrey: Actually Mama, I am marrying you, of course.

Last night after we put Molly to bed, Aubrey and I were laying in the hammock outside with her snuggle blanket and a gray sky overhead. I started crying and had to hide that from her. But it was such a sweet moment. I did go on to explain that I was married to daddy but that I loved her very much and always would but she said she didn't mind if I was married to her and to daddy because she loved me. No need to argue over that, right?


Jenny said...

sometimes (all the time) I just want to say STOP GROWING!! STOP!

but then I know, there are such good things to come.
what a sweet girl :-)

emily said...

I actually said to Aubrey yesterday, "You are too tall" and she said, "No, mommy I am just the perfect size.

She is WAY smarter than I could ever be :)

Anonymous said...

I love those moments. Yesterday during "the conversation" I was making my kid a sandwich and she just looks at me and says, "Daddy, I love you so much. You are the best daddy ever."

THAT is why you want to be a parent!


Mommy said...

I think I must be hormonal today...that teared me up!
Kids do say the smartest things - don't they?

rebekca said...

That is so sweet! And what a wonderful example you (both) as parents are setting if her defining character of marriage is to just "be loved".

This one got me all teary eyed!

Kelly said...

just WOW!!

Dianne said...

Aubrey is a beautiful and wise girl. But that's not a surprise! Look at who she wants to marry :)

Unknown said...

Way too smart, cute, lovely, and wonderful!

anne watson said...

After reading your post, I asked Claire last night if she wanted to get married and she said "Yes. To David. Or Leo. Or Henry. But not Logan...he's a mean mean boy".

At least she knows what she wants. :)