Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Exhaustion does not even come close to describe this household. We had a fabulous, family filled weekend. 6 Parties, the Pool, Cousins, oh my.

The girls had a great time and are very brave in the water (read: reckless). Hanging out with them is a very physical. This was proven and give public display at my niece's graduation party. There was a dance floor and a trampoline. Aubrey (with her cousins Anna and Caleb) were on the trampoline the majority of 4 hours, breaks only for dancing, and eating cake. Insane. And Molly Moo was shaking her groove thing ALL night on the dance floor - SO FREAKING CUTE! Both my girls were up past 9:30 and were a joy the entire time. Oh, did I mention that prior to the party they were at the pool for 3.5 hours?

Then, when we got home last night, some strage dog decided to camp out on our front porch and bark all night. By 5am Doug had had it and loaded the dog up in the car and went searching for the farm the dog's tag said he was from (after attempting to call the number on the tag all night). He found the dog's home. Not before the dog dog big holes in my front garden.

Oh wait, did I mention the GREAT trip to the grocery store? Yeah, I took both girls. And we got the 'car' cart - both girls got to sit in the car and each had a steering wheel. Until Molly climbed out in aisle one after the produce section. And then I tried to get her to sit in the front cart seat and she threw a COMPLETE tantrum, kicking, screaming, flailing. I tucker her under my arm and kept shopping. As she continued her tantrum, Aubrey started yelling from the car, "mommy I'm trying to talk to you". Over. and Over. and Over. I am calmly walking through the store putting items in my basket as the above continues through the store to the milk aisle. People are LAUGHING out loud as I have Molly in my arm, flailing, and I am saying in a very conversational tone, "Molly, take a deep breath, use your big girl words and tell me what you want", putting items in my cart, while Aubrey is trying to tell me something - well actually just telling me she is trying to talk to me...loudly After I get the eggs in, Molly says, "car please". I put her next to her sister and get them some "fruit" snacks and we go check out.

No lesss than 5 mother's came by while I was in line to let me know I was not alone and that they thought the girls were adorable. Yeah, at that moment adorable was NOT the word I had in mind. It was pretty hilarious!

But after a morning nap where the girls slept for a few hours, we headed back to the pool and then Aunt Debi invited us over for dinner. The girls fell asleep in the car at 6:15.

But it was fun, the weather was FANTASTIC! And tomorrow my niece graduates! So exciting.


Anonymous said...

And they lived happily ever after.

I can't believe you packed all that in one weekend.


Carolie said...

You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind comment on Lindsay's water giveaway. On behalf of my husband, thank you!

And I've added your blog to my list of "blogs to read!"

Mommy said...

Whew...and I thought I was tired from my weekend!
Glad the girls had fun...for the most part!

Unknown said...

yeah, that one day sounded like my 5 days. Regan and I did really well together the WHOLE LONG (5 days) w/e. Napping seemed to be her only issue and she did finally nap after staying up for at least an hour after I put her in her room. No major meltdowns - BONUS!

Dianne said...

Wow - that was exhausting just to think about!!

My son used to have the most amazing meltdowns in public - I never let it break my stride but I needed a time out when we got home.

Congrats to your niece.

rebekca said...

oooohhh. the public debacle of shame. I know thee too well.

but you know what? sometimes, I'm glad they happen in public, because that gives me that extra push to keep my cool.

I can be a mean & angry mama behind closed doors... not proud, but sometimes true.

InTheFastLane said...

Hey, at least the people in the store where sympathetic. You did so well!

Jessica said...

Oy, quite a weekend and shopping trip! Glad most of it was fun though!!

Strangely enough, the only place I can safely take both kids grocery shopping is Costco--they both insist on sitting in the (double) cart and I guess the bribe of the churro at the end doesn't hurt either. For $1, it's worth it!!