Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's Clarify

1. I am not freaking pregnant. Nor do we have any current plans to be any time soon.
2. It is NOT toooo crazy to do the Blog 365 and I will still most likely blog every day, and may do the monthly ones. But with the trip last week and having ZERO internet it was STRESSING me out, and this is supposed to be fun, not stressful. I LIKE that my friends are blogging more often! Keep at it girls! And if I didn't have the 2 family vacations planned... I might still say in the race.
3. Because a lot of different people read this, sometimes I need to be careful about what I say. And I did not do a good job of that today and just should have stayed quiet. But I am SOOOOOOO not good at staying quiet. SORRY! If you want to know the not exciting, normal every day life scoop... email me.
4. Doug and I are so blessed with our family, our friends, our health, our children's health, our jobs, etc. So sometimes when I bitch/whine I even piss myself off - and I do apologize.
5. The big duck - a blow up bath tub that fits in your REAL bath tub and is for babies (you pinch the duck's beak it quacks) - I have deflated it and put it in a box o stuff for my cousin to go through she IS having a baby in May... a boy. Kyle Michael.

Anything else out there that I should clarify?

Alrighty then, back to normal programming and I apologize for the broo haa haa...

Oh, and Google Reader isn't grabbing some RSS feeds, so if you haven't seen this... go check it out. Caps for A Cause a contest and good deads by my friend Anne.

I recieved no less than 5 emails today asking me about the I Quit post... some of the more interesting comments included:
Anyway.....Here are what I think are the possiblities...
1. You are going into the HUGE TOILET business....or building materials for obese people.
2. You are going into the organizational business...since you did SUCH a good job with those presentations that you sold the company and then the new owners fired you.
3. You are just saying things to "tease" your readers and wanted to see how many of us caught on to what you were saying.
4. You are moving...because you mentioned several trips in there somewhere.

Is your big news rather small...
Spill It
Ahem, what is your news


rebekca said...

awww...shucks. I thought DEAM would finally be the DREAM team. ;)

and incase you didn't get the e-mail from NoMoBloPoMo, they think the blog 365 people are nuts.

But I already knew that. I have it right on my side bar. :)

And girl, if I run out of gas- I'm throwing in the towel too! And I've been "cheating" a little. ahem.

Mommy said...

HA...you used my funny email.

Amy W said...

I'm emailing you because I am totally confused...

anne watson said...

Are you sure you're not pregnant? Those things have their own way of happening you know ;)

Thanks for the shout out to my blog. Now, everyone go visit and make stuff!!!!